• As per wikia guidelines, you must be 13 or over to be on this site. If you are underage you will be blocked.
  • Multiple accounts will not be tolerated.
  • Do not back-seat moderate. (mini-mod) If you see a user breaking a rule, tell an active admin (The Grinch Wiki:Staff) about it right away. If an admin is not around then kindly tell the user to stop and read the rules.
  • Keep religious arguments in another place.
  • Please sign in before editing. Anonymous editing is considered spam and any edits will be undone.
  • Leaving a message on your own wall is also considered spam as it is not talking to anyone in particular.
  • Spam and vandilization are not tolerated.
  • Answer messages left on your own wall, not messages left for other users. Doing so may result in a strike, unless you excuse yourself. eg: "Sorry to mini-mod" or "Sorry to intrude"
  • Never edit a user's page with out permission, from said user.
  • Always check offical sources when wanting a page deleted.

Chat Rules

  • Please be kind in your words.
  • Do not post random rubbish.
  • Chat is a mixed company community, meaning there are certain words and topics that are inappropriate. Before posting a message, remember that some people are more sensitive than others and may become offended. (This rule applies to both open [public] chat and private messages.)
  • Please be aware that not only admins, but ChatMods have authority in the chat box. If a ChatMod asks you to leave a certain subject, please do as told. ChatMods can also kickban misbehaving users out of the chat box.