The Grinch
The Grinch
  • Species: Known as a "what" from the who's
  • Skin color: Green (covered with green hair)
  • Location: Mount Crumpit

The Grinch is a rude what the who's call a "what" who hated Christmas.


The Grinch is identified as a rude, mean-spirited creature who has a anti- holiday spirit. Living up on a cliff, with his dog Max he looks down over to the who's of Whoville with a ugly look on his face. He wanted to stop Christmas from coming to Whoville so that he wouldn't have to worry about the who's celebrating it. So he dresses up as Santa Clause and takes everything "Christmasy" from Whoville at night when the who's are asleep. But even though he did this, the next morning, he sees the who's singing around the tree down at Whoville. Then, he gets a thought that Christmas was a very special holiday and that it means a lot more. And so he goes back down to Whoville and tells the who's what he did and apologizes. The who's accept his apology even though the Grinch can be mean, grouchy, and is different than the who's. And with that, now understanding the true meaning of Christmas, the Grinch happily hosts a Christmas dinner with the who's.


The Grinch, as a baby, was carried to Whoville in a basket from the wrong wind unlike other babies. His umbrella was filthy and the bottoms of it were torn. His basket landed in a tree outside a house where who's were celebrating inside. Two elderly ladies found him in the tree the next morning and adapted him as a child of their own. When the Grinch was eight, he love Christmas very much and was excited about celebrating it. At school one day, he spies a girl named Martha May Who staring at him and smiling. Quickly, the Grinch develops a crush on Martha May. Then, the teacher announces to her students that she wants them all to look their very best tomorrow and bring a Christmas gift to someone they like. The Grinch decides to give Martha May a gift. Another classmate named Augustus May Who, who also admires Martha May, tells the Grinch that he doesn't have a chance with her and makes fun of him for having a beard at eight years old. The Grinch feels bad, but still wants to bring a gift to Martha May. So he hurries home and makes an angel made out of tin, metal, and diamonds. Then, he remembered Augustus May Who teasing him about having a beard and decides to shave the hair off of his face. The next day, the Grinch comes to school with not only Martha May's gift, but a paper bag on his head so that no one will see his face. The teacher tells him to take the bag off of his head. He did so, but opened a book and set it upright on his desk still blocking his face. The teacher then tells him to put the book down. The Grinch did this too, but he still blocked his face this time with his foot. The teacher calls on him one more time and tells him to put his foot down. With nothing else to hide his face behind, the Grinch puts his foot down and shows his face. His chin had shaving tape all over it from where he was shaving it. All the classmates, (except for Martha May), laugh at him. Even the teacher. Angry and furious, the Grinch throws his gift for Martha May across the room and breaks it into pieces. Then, with all his might, throws the classroom's Christmas tree across the room. Frightened of him, everyone, (except Martha May), runs out of the classroom away from the Grinch. The Grinch, more upset then ever, climbs '[[Mount Crumpit] where he now lives as an adult.


  • The Grinch is a lot similar to Ebenezer Scrooge from "A Christmas Carol".
  • The Grinch's heart is described to be two sizes too small. However, once he discovers the true meaning of Christmas, his heart grows 3 sizes bigger.
  • The Grinch is said to walk in stealth mode while around the who's.
  • The Grinch befriends and cherishes a little eight year old girl named Cindy Lou Who


The Grinch has a pear like shaped body just like the who's. His skin color is green covered with green hair. He has skinny arms, a pop belly, and skinny legs. The cause of his long feet and fingers are the long sections of hair falling off of them. The Grinch has teeth that are described as yellow and full of termites. eyes are yellow with red pupils in the cartoon version. However, they turn white with blue pupils after his appreciation of Christmas. In the film version, they are yellow with black pupils. He has thick black eyebrows, and lines on his forehead.