Max is The Grinch 's pet dog who lives with him up in Mount Crumpit.


Max is a faithful little dog who was first introduced when the Grinch has an itch that wouldn't heal. Max meets him and wants to play with him, but the Grinch angrily refuses until Max scratches the itch that the Grinch fuses over and soon they become friends. Max mostly reacts sad and heartbroken to the Grinch's reaction of Christmas. He wanted the Grinch to enjoy Christmas and celebrate it like the who's, but the Grinch refuses to listen and wants to take away Christmas. On the night of Christmas Eve, when the Grinch is getting ready to go to Whoville, he wants a reindeer. So he ties a big horn on top of Max's head with red thread. Once the Grinch has all the Christmas decorations from Whoville on his sleigh, he makes Max pull the sleigh up to the top of Mount. Crumpit. And at the end, Max is seen at a Christmas feast with the Grinch and the Whos.


Max has hazelnut eyes, brown fur and long dark brown ears.