Cindy Lou Who by Rayne Bloodstone

Cindy Lou Who is a young girl who befriended The Grinch


When Cindy Lou first met the Grinch, she had woken up and went downstairs to get a cool drink of water until she spotted him taking the Christmas tree from the living room. She thinks its Santa Clause because of the red outfit the Grinch wore. The Grinch then gives her a drink of water and she goes back to bed. At the end, she is seen again with the Grinch while he's carving the roast beast.


Cindy Lou wears a pink gown and either has red or pink bows in her hair in the cartoon version. But in the film, she wears a cute dress, white fur mittens, a red cape, sometimes carries a basket, and has two pigtails that are braded with the ends tied up with a red bow.


  • Cindy Lou is no more than two in the cartoon version. While in the film, she's eight.